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To consolidate its presence on the front of research and innovation, Théa participates in all national and international congresses and meetings dedicated to ophthalmology and opted to partner many subspecialty meetings. Congresses, conferences, product launches, scientific innovation, innovation, new offices, Théa is always on the move.


World Glaucoma Week 2021

The 2019-2020 TROPHY contest is declared open.


Fondation Théa Movie

The Fondation Théa aims to promote or assist, in France and abroad, humanitarian or general interest initiatives to aid the fight against blindness and improve eye health. Discover the movie.


Education Movie

Innovation is not Théa’s only priority. Education and the sharing of knowledge have always been an important tradition for the Chibret family. Théa supports many projects and pedagogical activities. Discover the movie.


Théa and Innovation

Théa, the leading European

pharmaceutical group in ophthalmology (excluding the retina market), increases its research and clinical trials capacity by doubling its innovation space footprint at the headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand.

EGS x DryLab sessions


The 14th EGS Resident Course held 18–19th September in Lisbon featured a series of DryLab sessions where internationally-acclaimed faculty supervised hands-on glaucoma surgery training for young ophthalmologists from across Europe.

Biocorp and Laboratoires Théa


BIOCORP and Laboratoires Théa sign a partnership for the development of innovative digital solutions.

World Sight Day

Let's Open Our Eyes

We live in a beautiful world, but not everyone can see it. 253 million people suffer from vision impairment and 36 million are blind or going blind. Yet, 80% of all vision impairment can now be prevented, treated or cured.

DryLab sessions for young ophthalmologists

Never Stop Learning

Théa organized DryLab session workshops dedicated specifically for young ophthalmologists from 23 different countries, at this year’s big SOE conference.

8th TROPHY contest

Never Stop Learning

The 2019-2020 TROPHY contest is declared open.

Théa at the SOE 2019

Never Stop Learning

Among the 2,500 participants, more than 400 young ophthalmologists from 24 countries attended the SOE 2019 in Nice.

5th Eye Nutrition Meeting

Never Stop Learning

More than 100 ophthalmologists from 18 countries attended the 5th ENM forum on the latest news and developments in ocular health.

let’s open our eyes: Théa’s new signature around the world


This year marks Théa’s 25th anniversary and we are taking this opportunity to update our identity. “let’s open our eyes” becomes Théa’s new signature around the world.

Focus on the 7th Théa TROPHY contest award ceremony

Théa event

The 7th Théa TROPHY contest award ceremony took place in Vancouver at ARVO 2019.


World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week is now right around the corner (from March 10 to 16) and we need to get people to talk about it!

Knowledge sharing

Ocular Surface Masterclass

The 7th Théa TROPHY contest award ceremony took place in Vancouver at ARVO 2019.

Knowledge sharing

TROPHY community gathered at EVER 2018

World Glaucoma Week is now right around the corner (from March 10 to 16) and we need to get people to talk about it!

“The eye in history”

A new volume in the Théa Medical Library

Most of the things we take for granted today did not just happen. In this new book of the Théa Medical Library collection, Professor Harminder S. DUA and Mr. Richard KEELER take us on a journey through the history of ophthalmic instruments and treatments.

Théa opens its 27th subsidiary, Théa Chile

International development

After Central America (Mexico), the Group is expanding into South America. On April 19, 2018, Mr. Roland DUBERTRAND, ambassador of France to Chile, celebrated the creation of Théa's new Chilean subsidiary.

Record participation for 6th TROPHY


220 young ophthalmologists from more than 21 countries submitted clinical cases in answer to the topic of the sixth edition of the TROPHY contest – ‘novel management of ocular surface diseases’.

Laboratoires THEA attended the 13th European Glaucoma Society (EGS) Congress, in Florence, Italy.


Laboratoires THEA attended the 13th European Glaucoma Society (EGS) Congress which took place in Florence, Italy from 19 to 22 May 2018.

Thea supports Ophthalmologists at recent Birmingham meeting


Thea UK were delighted to support the Thea Birmingham Corneal Meeting recently.

DRY LAB workshops for young ophthalmologists


During 2 vital national conferences; Théa France organised its first DRY LAB workshops dedicated to young ophthalmologists.

Laboratoires Théa partner of ESCRS Winter 2018


Laboratoires THEA participated in the 22nd European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) Winter Meeting, which took place in Belgrade, Serbia, from 9 to 11 February 2018, a great opportunity to meet Eastern Europe's ophthalmologists.

Théa welcomes 400 ophthalmologists at JRO


For the seventh consecutive year, Théa organised a France/Maghreb meeting with Dr Lazreg & Dr Santiago on the theme of surgical retina. 400 ophthalmologists participated in this event at the 18th Ophthalmological Reflections Days in Paris.


Théa is entering the retina field by virtue of an agreement concluded with ELSALYS BIOTECH

The THEA laboratories are expanding their portfolio to include the retina owing to a licence option on an antibody in the treatment of humid AMD, and other retina vascular pathologies: ELB011.


An unprecedented meeting!

On Thursday, 25 January 2018, Jean-Frédéric CHIBRET met with Mr Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic.


THEA at the ESCRS 2017partner through activities during ESCRS

THEA provides surgeons with innovative products as well as YOs with DRY LAB sessions to develop surgical skills. New ways to prevent ocular dryness and simplified management of cataract patient thanks to intracameral injection have been raised during educational symposia.


Frank G. Holz receives the Paul Chibret medal

Prof. Dr. Med. Frank G. Holz was awarded the Paul Chibret medal at the DOG 2017 Congress in Berlin.

Innovation by Théa

Trehalose in the spotlight of the TFOS DEWS II

For the first time, the TFOS has officially acknowledged trehalose as an effective ingredient in association with hyaluronic acid for the treatment of dry eye syndrome.


TROPHY competition 5th edition

116 young ophthalmologists from over 21 countries submitted a clinical case in response to the subject chosen for the TROPHY 5th edition: “The non-surgical treatment of corneal diseases”.


Production practically doubled!

The Fareva group, and more specifically its subsidiary Excelvision, has opened a new single-dose sterile production unit with Théa Laboratories. This new building will be capable of manufaturing 800 million preservative-free single doses per year, as opposed to the 500 million produced today.

Théa Worldwide

Launching Théa Pharmaceuticals in the Middle East

Following Mexico in 2014, Morocco and Russia in 2015 and Ukraine in 2016, it is now Dubai’s turn to witness the opening of a new subsidiary of Théa Laboratories.


3rd Eye Nutrition Meeting

90 ophthalmologists from 14 different countries attended a Théa event on the latest developments in eye health, including the benefits of nutrition, predominantly vitamin D.

Education to surgery by Théa

THEA supports YOs to develop surgical skills

THEA organised and sponsored the 1st international dry lab session during the SOE Congress in Barcelona (June 2017) in partnership with the YO-SOE Board. As education is part of Thea’s ethos we are advancing into providing Surgical Skills Training for Young Ophthalmic surgeons using the latest innovative apparatus and simulation eyes.


STARS: 13 risks factors to identify patients at risk of AMD

A new simple and fast questionnaire has been developed by Laboratoires Théa in order to assess early AMD risk.

Ophthalmic surgical world

How to generate fast dilation?

Thanks to many years of experience and intense research, Théa has found a new way to generate faster and stable dilation. Taking the opportunity of the ESCRS international congress, Théa shared this innovation with several thousand ophthalmologists coming from all over Europe.

A new book on how to manage chronic corneal ulcers.

« Chronic Corneal Ulcers »

European ophthalmological professors have joined together in order to present an all-encompassing book on the complicated topic of Chronic Corneal Ulcers. This book is aimed at ophthalmologists in order to improve cornea care. more


« Les Chibret, une saga auvergnate (1875-2015) »

Written by Lorraine Kaltenbach under the direction of Henri Chibret, this saga relates the history of the Chibret’s family since the French revolution up until today; but above all the close relationship that family members have always maintained with ophthalmological workers.

Fifteen years of innovation

15th anniversary of Théa PHARMA, Switzerland

Founded in 2001, Théa PHARMA Switzerland began their journey with only 2 products. Today their range of both innovative and well-known products covers almost every ophthalmological therapeutic class.


Théa, partner of the Young Ophthalmologists

The second edition of the European Meeting of Young Ophthalmologists took place in June in Oviedo, Spain. Laboratoires Théa, represented by Jean-Frédéric Chibret, the President of the company, was the main partner and sponsor of the event.

Innovation by Théa

A new era in mydriasis

Théa is very keen on innovating in all therapeutic areas in ophthalmology, including cataract surgery. To develop its new product indicated in the mydriasis (pupil dilation) for patients undergoing cataract surgery, Théa set up clinical studies to demonstrate the efficacy and the safety of the product.

Théa worldwide

Official opening of the Théa office in Ukraine

After Mexico in 2014, Morocco and Russie in 2015, it is now in Ukraine that Théa has opened their latest new representative office.The Ambassador of France in Ukraine, Isabelle Dumont, Prof. Vitovska, the Head of Ukrainian ophthalmologists and Jean-Frédéric Chibret, President of Théa, were present for this event.

Théa worldwide

15th anniversary of Théa Pharma Belgium

The Théa story in Belgium started in 2000 when Théa accepted the challenge to break new ground in preservative-free eye care in Benelux.


Developing international mobility

Supporting the integration and mobility of employees across the Group is Théa’s aspiration to ensure the career development of each individual.

Preservative free

A new brochure on 25 years of Preservative-free eye drops

Preservative-free is in the DNA of Laboratoires Théa and is part of its history. Increase the awareness of the ophthalmologists to the importance of Preservative-free eye drops remains a priority with one goal: 0% Preservatives.

Glaucoma treatment

a new association of anti-glaucoma active ingredients in a preservative-free bottle

Innovation in the area of preservative-free eye drops is one of the most important interests of Théa’s research and development. Théa Pharma Germany presented the new Théa preservative-free association of two anti-glaucoma active ingredients at the DOG congress in Düsseldorf in March 2016. This product is distributed in a multidose bottle using EasyGrip® technology.