Théa, driving innovation

A continued innovation process and a unique expertise, 100% dedicated to ophthalmology.

Théa Group

Surgery techniques and therapeutic approaches evolve very quickly with the latest discoveries in pathophysiology, biotechnology and genetics. These advances will also bring new ophthalmic treatments. In this context, Théa continues to invest in R&D to stay at the forefront of innovation and be a pioneer in the new generations of products.


Strategic trends of development

Since its creation, less than twenty years ago, Théa has been known for its numerous innovations. The strategy of Laboratoires Théa in R & D is focused on three areas of development:

■ Innovative drug delivery systems

■ Development of new molecules for ophthalmic use

■ Improvement of existing products through galenic development


An original research approach

To avoid structural obstacles and remain at the leading edge of progress, Théa has made externalisation one of its R&D strategic pillars. Confidential and high added value tasks and procedures remain internal. Preclinical (pharmacology, pharmacocinetics, toxicology) and clinical trials are subcontracted. This approach means that we have systematic access to the best international teams and experts for each discipline and subject.



Théa is committed to the construction of strong, sustainable partnerships, signing licensing agreements with researchers, universities and pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies. Théa also entered a new type of cooperative partnership between public and private research by setting up a research satellite at the "Institut de la Vision".

Théa is also a welcoming structure particularly suited to support inventors in their process of recovery and protection of their research (patents, know-how transfer).



Théa meets the highest level of regulatory requirements and applies them on an international level. It has approved Pharmaceutical Facility status in compliance with European Good Manufacturing Practices and is also ISO 13485.

This proved excellence enables our products to be registered in many countries, including those with the highest level of requirements (Europe, Japan, USA). Over the years, it has given Théa significant expertise relative to regulations and international registration.